Ken Suzuki ( Creative Director) × Ichiro Yamaguchi (NF/Sakanaction)


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  • Ken Suzuki ( Creative Director) × Ichiro Yamaguchi (NF/Sakanaction)


A new collaboration following last year's collaboration with musician Ichiro Yamaguchi, a good understanding of cado, was proceeding under the surface. The first one that sold out in no time while there was a lot of expectation. It follows the challenge of starting to move toward the resale and realization of the second series, and the final goal, an air purifier with speakers.

The goal now is to make an air purifier a speaker.


Yamaguchi: The reason I like cado is that I create a good balance between design and performance. I also mix functional music with essential music. I think it's my sense to strike that balance. I wanted to know how I made the product, and I was attracted to that part. When I first met him, he originally loved cado appliances, so he said what he wanted to say (laughs).

Suzuki: When I actually met him and talked to him, Yamaguchi-san said pompoms that were more intuitive than rationally possible, and from his own real experience, he would wonder what ordinary people would think if they said something like this (laughs). Ideas come out one after another, and those ideas are something we don't have. For example, the idea that it would be good to have an air purifier with speakers does not come out of us.


Yamaguchi:  Home appliances, like air purifiers with humidifiers, are combined with something close to each other when combined.

Suzuki: That's right. That's why I thought Yamaguchi-san's plan was interesting. We are making products in terms of single function, but after all, if we try to stick together, we want to combine them with something close. But if you have an air purifier with speakers, it might be placed in the corner of the room or in the middle of the room. Then, the air can be cleaned more efficiently. I don't think Yamaguchi-san thinks that much, but it makes surprising sense to have a speaker on the air purifier (laughs).

Yamaguchi: Because I work in music, I usually think that what I have at home is a speaker (laughs). So, cado air purifier, also this speaker? I've been asked. But if there was an air purifier with speakers, I could put two on the side of the TV with LR and remove the dust behind the TV.

Suzuki: That's interesting!

Yamaguchi: That's why my dream is to use a cado air purifier as a speaker. I thought it would be absolutely interesting if we could do it together.


Suzuki: But when it comes to making it, it takes time. Because it takes at most one year. That's why we keep in touch just for that reason, so we talked about doing it while collaborating in between, so we came to sell a collaborative humidifier with NF. But the goal is to make a product with speakers in it.

Yamaguchi: So now I'm making the second nf collaboration with an air purifier.

Suzuki: While we are talking about collaboration, we are reporting on the progress of speakers like this now. The other day I also had an air purifier with speakers, but I was surprised that it was too much, and I was embarrassed, so I immediately returned it (laughs).

Yamaguchi:  It is difficult because the sound is completely different depending on the space in which the speaker is sounded.

Suzuki: Wouldn't it be pretty good if I rang it at work? I thought, but if you take it to Yamaguchi-san, isn't there enough parts? It's so different (laughs). That's how we communicate.


The next stage that can be seen by a mixture different from usual

Suzuki: We have a corporate philosophy of "We We design for atmosphere", but we wanted to enrich the space where our products are placed, not just to clean the air. In other words, it means that it will make the "air feeling" better. However, I don't think it's easy to make this "sense of air" better. Therefore, along with Yamaguchi's sound and music, I want to create products that actually clean the air and make the "air feeling" better. I want them to bring us one step closer to the dream we are aiming for and to make it a chance to change the stage.

Yamaguchi: While there is no way that we can express ourself only by making music, making CDs and playing live performances, we are in a situation where we can't do anything with that alone due to the corona disaster. Therefore, I hope that there will be a good chemical reaction, such as learning for us by being able to make a different kind of mixture by attaching sound to the product. Well, I'm purely a cado fan (laughs). That's why I feel like I want to create something with a home appliance manufacturer that I love, just like I want to do something with my favorite musicians. What you make is not music, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with how music affects you. I think it's new to be able to connect with companies that are completely different from making music in commercials, and I hope that will be a model case.


Born in 1980. Born in Otaru City, Hokkaido. In 2005, he started working as a rock band "Sakanaction". He made his major debut in 2007. He writes and composes most of Sakanaction's songs. In 2013, he participated in the 64th NHK Kohaku Yingying Battle. In 2016, he won the best music award at the 39th Japan Academy Awards as a rock band for the first time. In order to collaborate with creators across genres, planning and management of content that fuses music and various cultures, social contribution, and proposals for better lifestyles, such as the establishment of NF Co., Ltd., is always attracting attention for its attitude of taking an advanced view of the "ideal state of musicians" itself.